What Joshua Wore

What Joshua Wore

He could live off of KFC wicked wings, he crushes on Dua Lipa, and loves a veg out watching all 148 episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air series- which he owns, alongside many of Will Smith classics, who he cites as his all time fave actor, "a notable mention goes to his classic I Am Legend, yes I’ll admit I did cry a little when his dog died".

Meet our model Joshua - who also plans on a model future - "If I was a superhero, my super power would be to time travel to the future, so I can see if end up rich and with a supermodel wife, and if not I can go back in time and change things so that I will end up with them".

This is what Josh wore.


Grape Bunny Eared Bow, Summer Diamond Point Bow


Banks Diamond Point Bow

Before he stepped into the world of modelling, Josh had other childhood aspirations, "When I was about 10 years old I was really into WWE (wrestling) and when my mum wasn’t home, I’d dress up as John Cena, go into her bedroom and use her bed as a wrestling ring. I’d pretend her pillows were other wrestlers that I’d fight. Of course I never lost a match of wrestling and my 365-0 (Win/Loss ratio) record still stands".


Baron Butterfly Bow, Tully Bunny Eared Bow


Model: Josh from Finesse Models Australia
Photographer: Lauren Smeaton
Stylist: Filip with an F


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