What Llew Wore

What Llew Wore

He's loves listening to pop music - he's a massive Taylor Swift fan, and he'll make you do a double take, coz, you know... he's an identical twin!

We get to know Llewwlyn. This is what he wore.


Llew wears the "Jimmy" Diamond Point Bow Tie


Llew wears the "Emm" Silver Diamond Point Bow Tie, and the "Emm" Gold Diamond Point Bow Tie

Once when they were children, he stabbed his twin brother Emm in the bum with a toothbrush during bath time.

Llew's ultimate holiday destination is anywhere in America. His all time fave superhero is Spiderman, and his fave actress is Emma Watson.


Llew wears the "Scott" Butterfly Bow Tie, and the "Linka" Diamond Point Bow Tie

Model: Llewelyn of Finesse Models Australia
Photographer: Lauren Smeaton
Stylist: Filip with an F


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