What Reno Wore

What Reno Wore

His style icons include Kanye west, James Dean and Max Hamilton. His fave movie star is Tom Hardy, and he'll take a holiday in Bora Bora anyday!

Meet our model Reno. This is what he wore.


The Diamond Point Josif, The Bunny Eared Bow Marshmallow


The Butterfly Bow Scipio, The Diamond Point Bow Genghis

As a teenager Reno used to crush on Britney Spears, but a grown up Reno prefers the likes of Adriana Lima. He currently co-directs a lifestyle brand BASIK LIFESTYLE, and uses his social platforms to promote healthy mindsets and positive body image. He keeps it real "I can’t do surface deep conversations".


The Bunny Eared Bow Mint, The Butterfly Bow Gaia


Model: Reno Marrasso
Photographer: Lauren Smeaton
Stylist: Filip with an F


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